Friday, 6 January 2012

I can hate writing less now

This is how I should have use the computer before; I hate interfaces, so I should’ve used it without an interface.

I should have taken advantage of what typing with a computer liberates us from, compared to a pen and paper -yes I'm that old I’ve used pen and paper to write essays-. Using a computer enables us to write freely without being distracted about how our writing looks. And I mean how the letters look on the screen not only the formatting or the interface, it becomes almost as easy as talking.
By staring at the keyboard, and typing away, I can get the ideas out of my mind faster and less painfully.

An added value I would never need to learn touch typing ;) I think my mind is hugging me now for letting it speak freely.

Naively I didn’t know this before but, it is a known method for fighting writer’s block “be the invisible writer”