Sunday, 15 February 2009

RKBExplorer and CRS Consistent Reference Service

I will describe the CRS, and then in the next post I’ll describe how we can apply the previous Semantic RESTful approach.

The (CRS) Consistent Reference Service, It is part of the RKBExplorer.

An example of the service is here

CRS provides a method to manage multiple identities on the Semantic Web. The method recognizes the distributed and diverse nature of the Web.

CRS aims to connect these identities to each other, in such a way that it conveys that they relate to the same “non-informational“ resource, yet preserves the distinctiveness of each identity. The difference might mean a different role, or a different context.

It introduces the concept of bundles. Each bundle contains equivalent URIs for it, one of these URIs is chosen to be the canonical URI. The CRS bundle has a URI.

A URI might be in several bundles.

To illustrate the idea

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