Tuesday, 10 March 2009

5 a day !

No this isn't the NHS recommendation :)

This is how I intend to write my nine month report 5 sentences a day ! I know that is not much but for someone who hates writing it is more than enough. I've been doing it for two days, hopefully I'll keep up the habit.

I spent three hours on Sunday writing the table of contents and formatting the report. In my previous life :) this sometimes happened a day before the deadline.

In some sections I've put down some ideas in psuedo-sentences, so that when I start writing I don't forget them.

Hopefully this approach will help me in the following ways:
-Finish the nine month report earlier.
-Focus not only on understanding my research problem, but on articulating my ideas and convincing the reader. This may help me in finding solutions to problems or formulate evidence for my ideas.
-Gives me a sense of achievement and alleviate some pressure.

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