Saturday, 9 May 2009

Ruby on Rails

To show how - and if :) - EXPRESS works, I will implement a prototype of the approach and test it on some use cases. I want to use a REST framework to make things easier. There are some REST frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Restlet. I started by reading about Ruby on Rails, from what I read I understood it has simplifying assumptions that might conflict with my requirements for example:
  • Every item is either a list or a item in the list which may not work out for some resources like: Order123/hasDateTime
  • IDs of the items must be numbers.
  • Exchanged formats is either in XML or key-value pairs
  • No linking between resources
There may be a workaround these problems but they aren’t straight forward. So I chose Restlet, and for now it seems OK. It is a Java API for modelling resources and responding to HTTP requests, it offers a lot more but these are the features that I am concerned with right now. Another good thing is that I’ll also be using Jena, so doing everything in Java may simplify things. Something in Restlet may cause a problem though, it doesn’t have OWL/RDF in the representations’ MediaTypes. However, there is RDF/XML, I am not sure if it will work instead.


  1. Hi Areeb,

    Regarding Restlet, you can create your own MediaType instances for OWL, no problem at all. Integration with Jena should work fine as well.

    Note that a RDF extension was added recently, check the Restlet snapshots.

    Best regards,

  2. Thank you very much Jerome,

    I'll check that out

    Best Regards,