Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A detour, or a dead end :)

The idea of the deployment of OWL to provide a RESTful API is so straightforward and graceful that somebody should have thought of before. I was kind of surprised yet glad that I didn’t find something similar to it :)

I discussed the matter with my supervisor Dr. Dave Millard, and he suggested that I should check the Linked Data research.

So I started by searching the Web of Knowledge, didn’t find anything. When I used Google Scholar I found this :(

Publishing OWL ontologies with Presto

Which is very similar maybe too similar to what I’ve been thinking of.

I’ve read some papers about Linked Data before. The papers I read didn’t mention REST. I searched for a connection between the two topics; however I don’t think I searched carefully.

The funny thing is we are supposed to submit a December report on our progress, so I was going through the meetings’ minutes today and I found in one of them:
“Look into the Linked Data efforts understand what it is, and focus on answering the following questions:” one of them was:
“- Have they been working with REST?”

No comment ! :)

Lessons learnt from this story are:
-Listen carefully to your supervisor.
-Use Google Scholar :)
-Never stop searching for related work.
-It is better to know of this now than afterward.
-Keep minutes of meetings with your supervisor

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