Thursday, 22 January 2009


So how similar are you Presto?

Let's see:

-They have the same URI structure.
-They use GET to query, POST to add assertions
-They have suggested content negotiation
-They discussed calculated resources. As “Identifiable Query Results” but I am not sure if they are added to the original ontology.

-They designed it from knowledge management perspective, not a Web Services perspective. So they didn’t discuss transactions.
-I think it is an alternative approach to something called Openlink Virtuoso which deploys linked date, but I am not sure.
-Presto is a server you send the ontology to it. I imagined our proposed idea more like a plug-in to the server. Usually a Web Service is provides an interface to an existing strong infrastructure: like a server to deal with high throughput and a back-end database that deals with high load.
-They don’t discuss using PUT and DELETE.
-Redirection issues are not discussed.

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