Monday, 12 January 2009

Modeling a Semantic RESTful Web Service... continues

I've got Jena working, it took some time to figure out the problems but it is ok now.
This site might be useful if I choose to implement in JSP

I've read the WSMO example which is written in WSML (Web Service Modelling Language)
WSML uses ontologies and introduces some conventions such as (nonFunctional Properties, concepts, realtions, axioms, mediators ...etc) it can be mapped to OWL. Understanding the example wasn't very hard; WSML is more concise than OWL-RDF, therefore more human-readable.

My goal (for this day:) ) is to create (or at least reason about) a RESTful ontology based -to a certain degree- on the WSMO example bearing in mind that I will:
  1. Use the resource design method in (defining resources, giving them URIs, mapping the HTTP methods to required functions)
  2. Check them against REST's constraints (I believe that being stateless might be a problem)
If that works then there is something else that might make the RESTful Semantic Web Services more applicable which is "Content negotiation", this may enable non-Semantic clients to request the communication to be in XML enabling integrartion with Web 2.0.

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